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Rosanna Hill was appointed as the new Director of St Thomas’ Preschool in 2016.  She has brought to the role fresh thinking, energy and experience, while also building on the Preschool’s long-standing culture of continuous improvement.  Rosanna’s passion for early childhood education is clearly evidenced in her teaching and leading.  She heads a stable, skilful and committed team of four qualified preschool educators and a part-time office administrator.

Rosanna Hill
Rosanna HillDirector
Rosanna graduated with a Masters of Early Childhood Teaching in 2012. Before taking up her position as Preschool Director in 2016, she worked in long day care and preschool settings. She sees children as capable and curious, powered by imaginative knowledge and she enjoys creating spaces where children are able to co-construct knowledge with peers and adults. She is interested in the role of STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in early childhood education and the power of imagination to enrich children’s learning experiences.
Sarah Derwent
Sarah DerwentEducator
Sarah joined the Preschool in 2007, has a Diploma in Child Care Studies and previously worked in long day care. She loves teaching children, helping them to discover and develop their talents and abilities. She enjoys activities that allow children to grow and be challenged, like navigating an obstacle course, constructing models or solving puzzles.
Gabby Johnson
Gabby JohnsonEducator
Gabby holds a Diploma in Child Care Studies and has been part of the Preschool team since 2010. She previously worked in long day care and after school care. Gabby loves encouraging and educating children, nurturing them in all aspects of their development. She enjoys playing guitar for the children and helping them to build a love of music.
Maresha Ebert
Maresha EbertEducator
Maresha joined the Preschool in 2015, holds a Diploma in Child Care Studies and has spent more than a decade working with children. She has a background in music and dance and loves helping children with art, craft and pretend play.
Melanie Mackay
Melanie MackayEducator
Melanie has worked at the Preschool on a casual basis since 2014 and commenced part-time in 2016. She is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and has worked in a variety of early childhood services, including a preschool for children with hearing impairment. Melanie loves learning experiences that capture children’s interest and imagination including stories, dramatic play and music and movement.
Lisa Warrand
Lisa WarrandAdministrator Assistant
Lisa has a Masters Degree in Health Administration and a Bachelors in Nursing. She joined the Preschool in 2008 to assist Alex with the Preschool’s administration and finances. Her warm personality and attention to detail ensure the Preschool’s operations are smooth and efficient.
Ellie Faulkner
Ellie FaulknerEducator
Ellie joined the Preschool in 2016 while completing her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies. She came to the Preschool with a strong background in early education gained from a variety of contexts. Ellie is passionate about teaching children about God and loves creating intentional learning environments that accelerate learning through play. She also enjoys making creative art works with the children and teaching them about health and well-being.